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Bench Warrant

2023 Breeding Fee: $1,250

plus chute fee

Shipped Semen Available

Standing at
Goodell Veterinary Clinic



2016 Gray Stallion

Judge Cash Dash For Cash Rocket Wrangler Rocket Bar
Go Galla Go
Find A Buyer To Market
Hide And Seek
Mary Mito Mito Paint Mito
Herbs Miss
Shelley Leo Bar Sundown Pow Wow
Waja Leo
RR Frenchmans Smoke Frenchmans Guy Sun Frost Docs Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
Frenchmans Lady Laughing Boy
Caseys Ladylove
An Ebony Leo Smoke Em Leo Leo Maudie
Flicka Sally
Babe Maudie Leo Maudie
Babe Wheaty