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Services - Equine

New Service

We are excited to announce the addition of a Class IV therapeutic laser to the clinic. The Class IV laser is a deep penetrating laser used to accelerate rehabilitation and healing of various equine injuries. It is also used to help maintain peak performance in our athletic patients and prevent occurrence or occurrence of athletic related injuries.

The laser therapy accomplishes this by accelerating tissue healing at the cellular level, while reducing inflammation and pain. Our laser is equipped with two different probe sizes to obtain optimal results in any application. We are excited to implement this therapy on many ailments ranging from sore backs, tendon and ligament injuries, joint pain, and non-healing wounds.

Goodell Veterinary Clinic now has a new digital x-ray system. This state of the art system uses a DR Canon Cesium plate together with Metron software. This combination provides the best quality image obtainable, allowing us to see details that often weren’t visible using the older, traditional x-ray system. We are very excited to now be able to offer more thorough diagnostic capabilities.

This new system also allows us to offer services not previously available here in southern Oregon. X-rays can now be available to board certified radiologists for consultations at the push of a button. X-rays, along with shoeing prescriptions, can now be e-mailed directly to farriers, greatly enhancing communications. For sale horses, x-rays can be emailed to a sale company, or to the veterinarian of a prospective buyer as part of a pre-purchase exam.


General Equine Medicine
Emergency Veterinary Care
Intensive care with IV fluid therapy
Sports Medicine
Laser Therapy
Advanced Equine Dentistry
Soundness/ Joint Therapy
Digital Radiology
Ultrasonography – tendons and reproductive
Insurance Exam
Pre-Purchase Exam
Health Certificates
Vaccines and supplies


Stallion collection
Artificial Insemination (fresh, chilled and frozen semen)
Shipped Semen
Semen freezing
Embryo flush and transfer (recipient mares available onsite)


Blood chemistry
Rapid and quantitative IgG
Urine and stool analysis


Ophthalmic surgery
Gelding (normal or retained testicles, unilateral or bilateral)
Mare spaying (ovariectomy)
Developmental Orthopedics (periosteal strip, check ligaments)
Hernia repair